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About Eye-tee Network Solutions

About us

Eye-Tee Network Solutions based in Leicestershire was established in 2004 to provide structured cabling systems. Our Management team has many years' experience within the data/ telecommunications industry, designing and implementing a wide range of cabling infrastructures.

The company has rapidly developed by responding to technical advances in its field, and steadily expanding and investing in its technical and engineering skills base to provide an expertise that involves aiming to satisfy all data and voice cabling systems, provision of associated hardware

Our projects range from the provision of one outlet to major installations of 4000 plus outlets, along with the associated structure to satisfy client requirements

As a cabling solutions provider we can accept responsibility for the design and implementation of multi-disciplinary cabling projects. In the same way customers turn to our specialist abilities for the implementation of single discipline assignments. We guarantee in all cases proper functioning and operational cabling systems.


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